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Electric Blankets and Heating Pads

More and more families are faced with tough decisions these days. A new, but common problem for families in crisis is having enough money to keep BOTH the electricity and heat on at the same time. Many keep their electricity on, instead of the heat and this means that family members must do their best to stay warm, particularly at night.

Here's where you can help. Go to your favorite store and purchase a new electric blanket or heating pad. The new ones are much more energy efficient and infinitely safer. We only feel comfortable distributing new electric blankets and heating pads for safety reasons.   Simply purchase a new heating pad or electric blanket and get it to us (Most stores will ship directly to us).

  • KMart
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Costco

We are happy to receive and redistribute good, clean regular blankets as well.

Divine Resourcing is a 100% volunteer organization.   No one is ever charged for anything we distribute.   These efforts are privately funded by individuals and groups that share our desire to help those in need.   Interested in helping or need our shipping address? Please Call Mike at 404-783-1045 or Julia at 404-783-1046 for details.

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