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Some other ministries have been so helpful to us we consider them partners. The list below recognizes those ministries.

Reverend Ken Collins

We owe a special debt of thanks to Reverend Ken Collins, who graciously allowed us to steal much of his hard work from his website. When you visit his website you will see many of the same great design elements on his site as you will find here. That's because it is his original code and he allowed us to use it. Ken may be "The Reverend Ken Collins," but he is also one of the best coders I have come across!

I found Ken's site while Googling for a site that explained the various translations of the Bible and what each brings to the readers. Fortunately the Google results included his site and I was treated to one of the best explanations on the web about Bible Translations. I have returned regularly to Ken's site as it is an excellent source of all sorts of great information about Christianity and Jesus Christ. You should have a look!

Picture of the Rev. Ken Collins
Ken Collins' WebsiteExternal link

Boake Moore

Boake is a man of God with a heart for children and the audacity to question the status quo. Boake's long successful business background has taught him to challenge, cajole and to settle only for the best.

A few years back Boake and a few of his friends established Mission Grounds

Boake Moore

 - Our partners in our work
  Alpharetta 1st UMC
  B & H Publishing Group
  In Touch Ministries
  LifeWay Christian Stores
  Living on the Edge
  Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee
  No Longer Bound
  The Pocket Testament League

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