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A Glossary of Terms We Commonly Use

It is simply amazing how many different definitions there are for the same word. When we publish something, we know what WE mean. We are using this glossary so that you will know as well.

Food Bank

Food Banks are typically community-based, professional organizations that collect food from a variety of sources, save the food in a warehouse, then distribute it to hungry families and individuals through local human service agencies. Most food banks tend to collect less perishable foods such as canned goods because they can be stored for a longer time. It is not uncommon for Food Banks to charge for the food they were given.

Food Pantry

A Food Pantry is the term most commonly applied to the local efforts of churches, synagogues and service groups where they supply food directly to individuals or families in need. Their food can come from food drives, their own resources, Food Banks and/or Food Rescue groups.

Food Rescue

Food Rescue programs differ from a Food Bank in that they handle excess perishable and prepared foods (meat, fish, milk, cheese, fruit, vegetables and so on) and distribute it or make it available to ministries, agencies and other service groups that serve hungry people.


Homeless refers to any person, persons or family living on the street, under a bridge, in a car, hut or shanty. We also consider people living in low-end hotels and motels as homeless.

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