Divine Resourcing         What's In A Name?

Welcome to our website. We hope you find these pages useful and informative.

Divine Resourcing is one small facet of the Body of Christ at work. We are actively engaged in a wide variety projects, attempting to share the love of Jesus Christ by helping those individuals and families in need, in addition to other organizations that serve those in need. Our ministry name was chosen to reflect glory to the source of our ability and opportunity to serve. The only reason we can engage in these activities is because Almighty God (Divine) has chosen, for now, to provide us with some resources (Resourcing) to see what we will do with them for His Glory.

Some of Divine Resourcing's ministry activities include the transportation, organization, processing and distribution of food and goods.  Food, goods and services are provided to these individuals, families and organizations and groups we serve free of charge.

These efforts are privately funded by individuals and groups that share our desire to help those in need. Divine Resourcing operates as a ministry of Mission Grounds Coffee Charity